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The Pastel plugin uses the Pastel SDK to integrate with Pastel V12 and above. We have a distribution licence for the SDK to enable our interaction with Pastel. In our code we set our licence keys, not the client’s licence keys. The client also requires an SDK and a valid licence to allow the integration to occur. The combination of the two makes the magic happen but sometimes things goes wrong. We have seen the following occur:

The error indicates that the client SDK is not properly licenced but we’ve got this error on machines where the licence seems to have been applied properly. Pastel support has not been able to help.

The only way we’ve been able to solve this is by re-installing Pastel and the SDK. If anybody has a bright idea please let us know.


Hi Gawie,
Has this problem only ever occured on v12? For other clients on higher versions, did it ever also occur, or do you think it is a v12 issue?


We had it on Pastel V14.