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Removing hidded cloumns and rows from XLSX sheet


HI All
Looking at using Linx to covert Excel workbooks into apps.
Can Linx clean up a Xlsx mess with many hidden rows and columns?
Currently using MS Power Query.


Hi Neelsk,

I’m going to write a quick example of how I whould do this. The idea is to let Linx read the one Excel file and only write over to a new excel file the fields that contains data.



Thanks Davie.
I need to load the sheet into a MySQL and or NoSQL database.
Would in be possible in one step?


Hi Neelsk,

Will change the solution a bit for that. It’s actually quite a bit easier to move it straight to a DB.

For the example I’m just going to create a DB Table in MSSQL, but you can use any.



Hi Neelsk,

I’ve changed the Solution a bit to fit your requirement for the DB.

Please find attached. You’ll need to change the connection strings etc.

DawieExcelRemoveBlanks.lsoz (14.3 KB)