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Call Linx Process from another Task schedule

Is there a way to start a linx process by calling the server through an API or web service from another task scheduler? We are currently using another task scheduler to run internal processes, and would like to run Linx projects from that scheduler.

There are several ways to do this:

  1. Expose a Linx Process as a web service - very easy but with limitations.
  2. Create a REST or SOAP API and run it as a Linx Service - complex but more powerful.
  3. Use Linx as your task scheduler by using Linx Services like the TimerService.

I’ll explain how to do the first one. Let me know if you want more detail about the others.

Expose a Linx Process as a web service.

In Linx Designer, select the Process you want to call and check the ‘Expose web service’ property.

Deploy the Linx Solution to the Linx Server.

Get the url from your Linx Server.

The url looks something like this


Replace the [items] with your own values. Process Input will show as parameters on the url (param1 in this case) and Output will be in the result.

Test the url with your favourite browser.

You can also add users to Linx Server and limit them to specific Processes.