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Email Read Error

Yes this is the situation. This error occurs on server.
So this upgrade of Read Email we can not use with free version?
We are in the phase of testing the solution for our future customers and we are acctually the integrator of different IT solutions.
Is it possible to get from you dealer demo like we have lets say with Nicelabel and Mecalux EasyWMS solutions, where we create some standard app with lets say your background processes automation and like whole solution sell to end user?

Unfortunatly, yes. Linx 5.13 was the last free version and since September 2018, and the updates will not be available for it further.

The server for the latest version of Linx is available for a trial of 7 days if you’d like. Normal price for the Server is $149 per month.

I’m going to ask our Marketing manager to contact you regarding pricing and options for demos.

Best regards,

Thanks for the info. We want to put your product in our portfolio too, but I think that we can get dealer demo for our usage here to test all new functionality before we say to customer the whole price which includes payment to you of course.
Because of this dealer demo exist with all our software providers. Dealer demo not for sale.