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Linx Services with dynamic properties

Linx Services can get their properties from static values or Linx Settings. Where we have something like a DirectoryWatch we cannot get the Path value from another resource like a database. It will be useful if a Linx Service can get its properties from a resource that can be specified by the user. It makes it possible for users to manage these values in a manner that makes sense for their situation.


  • Make it possible to retrieve Linx Settings from a database.
  • Introduce a LinxServer.Startup event where you can override/set Linx Settings (works like a Linx Process).
  • Introduce a LinxService.Startup event where you can set the Linx Service properties (works like a Linx Process).

Any other suggestions, problems?

Yes, I would like to be able to inspect and perhaps also amend the interval set for timer services while on the Linx server. Is that included in this concept?

Yes, we already have a story in the backlog to allow TimerService properties to point at Settings. You can change Settings on the Linx Server.