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Not Receiving Email Address Verification Emails


I have updated to the latest version of Linx5 and now I’m struggling to start using it.
I enter my email address when prompted and click “start using Linx”, then I get an alert “Unverified Email Address”.

I clicked “Resend Email” and am then redirected to

I have tried multiple times, including restarting the designer to no avail
I have also checked my junk/ spam folder.
I log in via my Google Account, that could be a factor?

I am yet to receive the verification email.

Hi Nem,

Just want to confirm, have you signed up


I’m sure I did when I first downloaded Linx5, otherwise, I would not have been able to download it?

I have just signed up and downloaded it again and I did receive the email verification email and everything is fine now.

Just to confirm, ones login for the Linx5 community is not tied to their user details that are used to download Linx5?

No, not if you registered to the community before Linx required sign ups.

I see, thanks Dawie - Honoured to be an early adopter then :slight_smile:

All is well now, thanks!

Happy that you’re in. The next guys will see it here :slight_smile: