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PDF concatenate List Files Variable

Is there a way to pass in a list variable of files to the PDF concatenate?

Yes, it definitely is possible. The “Input PDF files” property of the PdfConcat operation is a list of string, so you can just assign any list (of string) variable to it.

I have attached a solution (created with the latest release 5.9.513.8765) that shows you how to do this. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

On the screenshot, please take note of the following highlighted sections:

  1. You will have to configure this value to a suitable path on your machine (if you want to execute the example)…

  2. This is the list that we will populate from a FileList. The FileList will retrieve all the PDF files from a certain directory.

  3. This is where we assign the list to the PdfConcat operation.

PDFConcat.lsoz (4.3 KB)

When opening the soution, it wants to download a missing plugin PDF. It fails to download. I currently have the PDF plugin version and it states its up to date.

I do apologize. I was using an unreleased version of the PDF plugin. I’ve recreated and attached a working example.

PDFConcat.lsoz (5.7 KB)

Just as a matter of interest: The next version of the PDF plugin has been refactored extensively and will be open-sourced. If you want, you can check out the source code at:

I know this isn’t related to the original question, but is there any documentation to create custom plugins for out internal use?

There is no public documentation available. Enabling third parties to build their own plugins is on our road map but is still some time away.

We might be able to help if you can send us some information about what you want to do.