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Urgent - Text File Read, Skip lines must allow variable input

Skipping Header and footer lines on text file read component must allow variable input. At the moment the value needs to be hardcoded but I need to get it from a parameter table.

Do you have a file format with variable headers and footers? Please explain the scenario to me.

I built a manipulation process which takes any csv file and should determine the number of headers and footers to skip based on a configuration of that csv file. The csv files are not of the same format.

TextFileRead’s purpose is to parse files that has a known format. You can use other mechanisms to return rows after ignoring arbitrary header and/or footer lines e.g. Read all lines to calculate NumberOfLines then read them all again but only parse the lines between HeaderLines and NumberOfLines - FooterLines.

I’m interested to know how you use the resultant data. You cannot use it in Linx if you do not know the format so what do you do with it?

All I want to do is remove the Headers and Footer based on a configuration, and then save to a new file.
I know I can remove the rows a different way, I just thought that Linx 4 has it, so Linx 5 should have it also.

Linx5 can do everything Linx4 can do but sometimes just in a different way. Here is a solution that shows you how to remove the variable headers and footers from a text file. Solution1.lsoz (5.4 KB)