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Active Directory plugin

We are valuating linx service to replace some of our customized software.
Actually we need to read some information from LDAP Active Directory (and write too if needed) but there isn’t anything related in plugins.

Is there a chance to have some AD-LDAP plugins?


Hi Biuken,

I’ll forward your request for the future feature recommendation.

In the meantime one can consider using the Rest WebService call to access the AD. AD does provide some kind of service interface, but in most of the searches I’ve found that there needs to be an intermediary installed that exposes REST services to AD (like: ADAP (

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Hi Dawie,
Thank you for your quick reply and for adding this in future feature reccomendation.

I think ADAP is a valid and quick workaround, i’ll give it a try!


You can also put your AD calls in a Powershell script and execute it with the Linx CommandLine function. See,2-801.html for some ideas.