Add a logo or watermark on images

Linx 5 has got a great component called “GraphicsMagick” which gives you a lot of different options to work with images, right there within the process. One example where I’ve used this is to add a logo on top of an image as soon as its uploaded via a Website.

Sample built with Linx5.

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The process looks like this:

I am using 2 instances of the GraphicsMagick component.


For my example I did not want the Logo to show on top of the image, so I used the Transform function of GraphicsMagick to add a border of 50 pixels on top and below my image:

And inside Transform I’ve added a border:

Now my image is ready to receive the logo, so my next instance is called “AddWaterMark”:

I’m using the “Composite” operation with the “Multiply” Merge operation. The Base image path is my logo and the Overlay image is the one that got uploaded.

That’s it. Now whenever I upload an image into the specific folder, it automatically adds a logo to it:

Original Uploaded Image:

Changed Image: