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Boolean Tips and Tricks

This is a short list of learnings I’ve found regarding working with Booleans. By no means is this an exhaustive list, so feel free to add on:

What is a Boolean:

A Boolean is a variable, which can have only one of 2 values. It can either be True or False. That is the same as being a 1 or a 0.

In Linx, we can write it as follows (NB Case sensitive)



Now, you can test if something is True by just using an =


You can also test the reverse, to see if it is false (Note the ! - You can read it as NOT)


Test if two Booleans are the same:

=MyOneBoolean == AnotherBoolean

Test if two Booleans are different:

=MyOneBoolean != AnotherBoolean

Test if two Boolean both are True (&& means AND):

=MyOneBoolean && AnotherBoolean

Test if either Boolean are True (|| means OR):

=MyOneBoolean || AnotherBoolean

And you can use the ! again if you want to check that 1 is True and another is False:

=MyOneBoolean && !AnotherBoolean

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