Cannot assign value to type [JbZa] error

I tried to assign a [165 mg/ml] value to a list type but got this error, does anyone come across this issue before?
—> System.Exception: Cannot assign value [165 mg/ml] to type [JbZa]

Hi Majib,

Out of the description, I’m going to assume the value is a string value, the list is a list, and you included the brackets to make the value a list?

In that case, if you look at JSON structures, the assignment would need to have the value in “” quotes:

[“165 mg/ml”]

This will give a List, with a single item in the list.

If you have multiple items, it would look like this:

[“165 mg/ml”,“150 mg/ml”,“172 mg/ml”]

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Hi Dawie,

Thanks for the reply,

Actually, I am trying to pass the value from json file into the list.
The json file is like below and has 2 keys for “generic” and “itemstrength” and the value for generic passes without issue.

“level2”: {
“pharmaceuticalDosageForm”: “Syrup”,
“primaryUnitOfMeasure”: “EA”,
“itemstrengths”: [
“generic”: “Trimethoprim”,
“itemstrength”: “165 mg/ml”
“generic”: “Sulfamethoxazole”,
“itemstrength”: “80 mg/ml”

the error is:
For Each_Product.Loop.ForEach_itemstrengths.Loop.AddToList_Strength: Cannot assign value [165 mg/ml] to type [JbZa]

  • —> System.Exception: Cannot assign value [165 mg/ml] to type [JbZa]*

Hi Majid,

That probably means you Type has not been set up correctly. Can you send me a screenshot of your type, and also how to assign the AddToList. If you can’t post a screenshot here, please send to

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