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Changing the Linx IDE theme

Is there a way to change the theme or color scheme of the designer? I find the existing display difficult to view.

The theme or color scheme is fixed.

What part of the display do you have difficulty with?

For instance:
I have a difficult time differentiating between the light color text and the white background.
It is difficult to tell the difference in color in the FNC and TYP indicators in the plugin list.
I also have issues with the font size of the menu bar.

It would be nice if you had a “light” theme and a “dark” theme and a high contrast theme. I have similar issues with Stadium.

I primarily use a Black/Dark theme in most of my dev environments. I find it much easier on the eyes.

Hi Fenris,
thanks for your feedback. I am sorry we don’t have a dark theme for you as yet. However, we have discussed making one sometime in the future. We have also discussed your detailed comments and have some follow-up questions in this context that we hope you can answer for us.

  1. Are you referring to the text on the canvas - so, functions and types in your processes? Is it specifically about the names of the functions or their types?
  2. We have tried a wide range of colours and have settled on the green and blue. However, we will try out a lighter blue and green to see if this will improve the contrast between these colours.
  3. Is the font size in the menu too small for you?

Thanks for your comments.
Kind regards, Franz
Linx UX Designer