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Cloud server API deployment

When deploying REST web services to a hosted Linx Application Cloud Server (not on-premise), there are a number of things to take note of:

  • The Base Url of the web service must be configured to be hosted on the server that it is deployed to.

    To achieve this in Linx, use the + wildcard character instead of your hostname in the Base Url property.



    When the service is deployed it will use the current server.

  • All Base Urls of the RESTHost or SimpleRESTHost service must be configured to run on port :8080.


    You might have several REST services, in that case make sure they are all hosted on different paths.

  • All API routing is done via Kong which manages and throttles the incoming requests.

    When making requests to the web service, the URL will be:

    https://{domain name}{your base path}/{method path}

    Take note of the .api appended after your domain name.

    You can find your domain name when logging onto your server and the dashboard URL will be:

    https://{domain name}

So, for example, in the below screen shot of the Linx Server dashboard:

The {domain name} is “mycompanyname”