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Create a path selector

Hi all
i cannot find out how i can create a path selector. i like to have a possibility to select a path from the GUI and save it to a variable or using for other functions. Is there a way ?

thanks a lot

Hi René,

Can you please elaborate a bit on what you mean? In Linx, where you need to access a path (for instance the Text File read component) there is a path selector already built in.

Could you explain where you want to select a path (during designing the process, or when the process is deployed?)

Best regards,

Sorry for my difficult wording.
i have some processes where the user have to input some information. Also he have to select files and folders. i saw that the input is possible. Also for folders and files but i have to type in the folder mannualy and for this point i search for a select like a windows explorer where i can select it.

hope its understandable :grinning:

thanks a lot René

Hi René,

Thank you for the clarification. I think it comes down to what you use Linx for. Linx is not meant to be directly used by an End-user as a Website to input data. The dashboard on the Linx Server can Run processes, but that is more of a monitoring / test function for the system’s administrator.

Normally the use-case for Linx would be to run in the background and get triggered, either by time intervals, service calls, file addition or changes etc: