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Deployment or configuration profiles to support multiple environments

In most enterprises there is a requirement to publish services or processes to multiple environments. For example, we deploy to QA and UAT environments before allowing deploys to production. It would be a great addition to Linx if the settings could be managed based on the deployment server chosen. Alternatively, if the servers overridden settings were kept between deploys.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the suggestion. With our meeting this week I’ll ask about this. I know that there are certain feature being worked on with regards to Settings already, but I’ll lift these specific questions and let you know.


Linx supports this scenario by allowing you to edit the settings on the LinxServer. These settings overrides any settings present in the Linx solutions file. Your workflow can be

  1. Deploy your Linx solution to QA the first time.
  2. Change the settings on the QA server.
  3. Subsequent deployments to QA will all use the server settings that were changed. Settings that were not changed will use the settings present in the solution.

The next version of Linx will include a deployment workflow that includes changing settings and starting/stopping services. It should make this functionality easier to find and use.

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Thanks for this, I have successfully utilized this across multiple environments.