Example on how to send an SMS from Linx

Most companies these days requires contact with their customer through sms. This could be alerts and notifications, OTP’s or just happy birthday messages.

With Linx, using the CallRESTWebService component, it couldn’t be easier. This is a 10 minute solution.

For the example I’m using Bulksms.co.za, but you can use any SMS provider, just change the call and parameters accordingly. Also, if you want to try this with Bulksms, you can quickly register and they give you 5 Credits to play with. Just add your username and password in the Solution.

The Solution: Linx 5 - SMSExample.lsoz (5.9 KB)

This solution consists of a Process called SendSMS with input parameters for Message and Number. You can test it from your debugger or deploy and run it from a Linx server.