FIX API for sending orders via routing to clearing providers and into futures market trading exchanges

Hello, very new to LINX, never heard of it before now, and although I have been writing code in c++ for over 30 years, I am needing a lightning fast solution for porting one of more AI/neural net based automated trading strategies from MQL4 and/or MC-PL into a set of trading signals that can be sent via FIX API to an exchange or several exchanges, plus query via FIX API for various account information updated in real-time to monitor progress of automated trading strategies. No idea where to even start with LINX to do such a task, so any initial push or assistance in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jerry,

In terms of “porting” your strategies from MQL4/MC-PL into trading signals, do you mean you want to replace the use of MQL4/MC-PL with Linx, or rather use the outputs of MQL4/MC-PL
to send via FIX API using Linx?

If you want to use the outputs from MQL4/MC-PL, you are able to generate a CSV file and then use Linx to import this CSV file (as well as other types of files) with only a few clicks and configurations. From here you can do a number of modifications with the data, export data, store data in data sources such as a database or Amazon WebServices, create automated emails, use WebService calls to communicate via API as well as a large number of other functions, more information can be found here.

In terms of communicating with FIX directly, we do not have plugins to achieve this. However, if you could provide us with some more detailed information about what you are trying to accomplish with these other platforms and how they will integrate together, we will be able to investigate other options.

With regards to getting started, take a look at our overview guide which demonstrates the basic use of Linx , then you can visit our download page to receive a free trial of the Linx Designer and Linx Server.

Take a look a around our Documentation Site which contains general documentation of Linx, you can also search our Community Site , which contains support threads around common issues as well as user posted issues.

If you need more assistance with regards to setting up an initial solution as well as anything else, feel free to ask.