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Hey, team

Great product! As a long time systems integrator and RPA developer I am thrilled to have found you. I just downloaded Linx today and can’t wait to get acquainted. After having a look around (admittedly I have much yet to learn!) I thought of the following features that I think would make Linx even more powerful and user-friendly.

Keep up the great work! Please let me know if any of the below are possible today (without the command line) or if they are on the road map.

Operating System Functions

  • Get/set/delete environment variables
  • Get/set/deleteclipboard contents
  • Read/write/copy/delete registry keys
  • Logoff/restart/shutdown Windows
  • Terminate process by process name or ID
  • Ping host
  • Check service status
  • Start/stop/pause/resume services

File Operation Functions

  • Get file path part (directory, file name, extension)

Text/Integer Functions

  • Generate random text
  • Generate random number

List Functions

  • Sort list
  • Randomize list items / shuffle
  • Remove duplicate items
  • Compare lists (to create a resultant list with either common items or items contained in one list but not the other)
  • Merge multiple lists into 1


  • Ping monitor (e.g.: run process when host goes offline)
  • Service monitor (e.g.: run process when service stops or starts)
  • Process monitor (e.g.: run process when a specific process starts or stops)
  • Event log monitor (e.g. run process when an event is created)



Thank you for the list. We will definitely keep this in mind going forward. These item can be performed, but (like you noted) mostly with Commandline or Regular Expressions.

A couple of notes:

  • A String type can be converted to Base64. In the expression editor, use something like this: StringObject.ToBytes().ToBase64()
  • Under the “Cryptography” tools, you can Hash, Encrypt, Decrypt and do a lot more

Operating System Functions and Services
We are probably not going to do these. Operating system management is not a core Linx capability.
The workaround is to run a Powershell script via the CommandLine function.
We might introduce a Powershell function that will make creating and calling them easier.

File Operation Functions
In our backlog.

Text/Integer Functions
In our backlog.

List Functions
You can already do some of these in Expressions but they are not documented and difficult to use.
In our backlog.

In an Expression you can convert from List(Byte) to Base64.
URL encode/decode: This happens automatically in functions like CallRESTWebService. To explicitly do it is a backlog item.
HMAC/SHA: See the Cryptography plugin.