GraphicsMagick Linx6

Good day,

I have checked and ensured that my Linx 6 Designer is up to date but I do not see the GraphicsMagick plugin what is the replacement for this plugin

Hi Marco,

With the development of Linx 6 we had to review the usage of the plugins and found that the Linx 5 GraphicsMagick plugin is so rarely used that it was not feasible to migrate it to Linx 6.

However, GraphicsMagick is a really easy tool to use. You can download it from GraphicsMagick Download and use it via CommandLine in Linx 6. Here’s the commands you can use in GraphicsMagick (even way more options that what the Linx 5 plugin provided): GraphicsMagick GM Utility

Please let me know if you need a specific example.