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How do i convert a plain text file into an XML format file?


I would like to convert a plain text file into an XML file.

the file is created as a text file and so needs to be converted to an XML file in order for processing to happen on the file.

The text file is placed in a directory which needs to be picked up converted and placed into another directory

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Duran,

What is the format of the plain text file? If it is a CSV file, you can use the TextFileRead function to read the data into Linx (you can also have a look at the ParseCSVFile sample for more help on how to use this function).

Once the data is read into Linx, you have a several options on how to convert the data to xml (e.g. XmlWriter, RazorTemplateTransform, StringBuilder, etc)

If you can provide us with more information about the input and output file structures, I’ll be able to give you a more detailed answer.