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HTTp Response body trim


Great application.
I was hoping I could get some ideas about a couple of questions I have.
How do I truncate or trim a list of a Response body. I do not need all the elements of the Response body, so I need to truncate it to the part I need which is a list within a list within another list. I used a custom type to import the Jason format but I can’t seem to assign the Result to the components I really need.
Also, I used the JSONREADER, that didn’t work either…

Hi Uche,

So when working with response, import the whole JSON response as a custom type, then set the Output type property to this new custom type. To access a nested list, you will need to loop through the parent-level list in the response output first and then extract the nested list by either assigning the nested-list directly to another List type or by using the ForEach and then for each nested item use an AddToList to add each item to a main list.

Take a look at this article and just do a search for ‘nested lists’.

Just to give you an example here, if I have response object like below:

   "field1":"This is a value",

And now I want to access the nested items i.e. List1_item1, List2_item2....

So first I would import the whole json as a new type, lets say ‘myResponse’:

I could then use a JsonReader to use the response as the Json string property and the newly imported type as the Output type:

Now lets say we wanted build up a ‘master’ list of all the items in all the nested lists.

To do that, we need to first loop through the parent list, which is done by using a ForEach function and looping through the nested list returned from the JsonReader output:

Now for each parent list, we then need to do another loop through the child list and then we will have access to the individual items:

In this lowest level loop, we will have access to the items of the nested list, so we can for example add them to a main list of some kind:


So depending on what you want your end result to be the exact approach may vary.

Just reply to this if you still struggle.

Thanks for the reply. That worked out well, I used foreach and added the values to a list.
I have another problem, my ifelse statement is evaluation a true condition even when it is false.
I am comparing the contents of a list to a number eg. =List[0]>int, and setting the value of another List2 if this condition is true to List[0]. Based on this condition, 0.98>190, still executes the true condition.

Hi Uche,

Just check that the type of List is a decimal/double so that you are comparing the same data types to each other.


Also, are you only comparing the first element i.e. [0] ? If not, I would suggest using another ForEach to loop through the list and then compare like below: