I want to create marketing tech stack for app(ios/android) based on linx as a "heart"

Previously I used in stack ActiveCampaign+openprise+google tag manager+flowxo/chatfuel+Segment+Clearbit+AmoCRM/Bitrix24+(Yandex metrika+Amplitude)+Zapier+Intercom+CallbackHunter+Robokassa for sites. But apps for me are more complicated matter:D Where I need to start?

Hi Artemis,

Could you please provide some more information for what you are aiming to achieve?

Have you taken a look at our Linx introduction?

" Have you taken a look …"

In my stack, I want to make integrations smarter - zapier is too dumb

Hi Artemis,

It depends how you want Linx to integrate with your different platforms.

You are able to connect Linx to a back-end data sources such as a database which you can then use for passing information to and from different apps, Linx also has the ability to interact with Amazon WebServices which you can use as your data sources. Alternatively you can pass data straight into Linx solutions via WebService calls.

Within Linx, you are able to utilize a whole range of components such as automatic services which can then trigger events from which you can execute your tasks. These tasks can be things such as automated emails, file generation, file imports, reporting services , database manipulation etc. More details on the plugins can be found here .

You are able to design and build solutions on the Linx Designer for free and the trial on the designer does not expire. The designer is a drag-and-drop type interface with low-code interactions from a developer standpoint.

In order to automate all your processes however (things such as directory monitors, timer services etc) , you will need a Linx Server to run your solutions on, there is a Linx Server trial for 30-days in which you can test the automation of your solutions.

If you could provide me with more information about the particular tasks you want to achieve and the information you want passed between your apps I’ll be able to give you some more information.

Try out the free Linx Designer trial by downloading the latest version from here , there are also samples available as well as general documentation and in depth details about the specific plugins and functions you can use here.