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Import data from xlsx into database

Hello there, I am newbie to Linx and I will be so grateful if someone could help me.
I need to create a task that checks is there any excel (xlsx) file in target directory, and if file exist, it have to get data from file and insert it into database. After that, the file must be moved to another folder.
Thanks in advance.


I’ll build a quick example for you using the standard plugins in Linx. Just a moment, will answer back here.



Please find attached a quick solution following your scenario. In this example I’m only checking the first two columns in the excel spreadsheet, and just adding them as lines into a database table, but you can change it to anything you need.

Also, you’ll have to give your own database settings and create the required tables on your server.

Check.lsoz (7.3 KB)

It work. Thank you sooo much Dawie. You saved me from lots of trouble. I met with Linx first time today, and found that’s a very helpfully tool. You can spare a lot of time with this.

Big thanks once again.