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Installer fails on win 10

I would like to evaluate Linx to see if it would work for my project.
Downloaded and attempted to install. After a few seconds and a few progress bars it said only:
An error occurred: unknown error

With no error message to go on the only thing I could think that was under my control was to change the install directory to an unprotected directory instead of “program files”. That did not help.

The machine is a windows 10 laptop with an i5 and 12G memory with an ssd with 83G free space.

Any ideas on what went wrong?

Hi Corky,

The easiest way to trace the problem is for you to run the installation with logging enabled. Open a command prompt, browse to the location where you’ve downloaded the installation and run the following command:

Linx5.5.13.9694.0.exe /log c:\temp\log.txt

In the example above, the installer will generate 2 log files in c:\temp - you can specify another logging location should you wish. Please send these files to We will have a look and see if we can spot the problem.