Latest Build getting error on Simple Rest Service

I loaded up in to a blank solution as well to try it out. Same result
Here’s the validation error it’s showing inside Linx:
Failed to import the specified Web API definition.
Method not found: ‘Void NJsonSchema.Generation.JsonSchemaGeneratorSettings…ctor()’.

Here’s the Relevant Linx Properties

Here’s the Operations page

Hi Ferula,

What I can see in your screenshot is that you are missing a /

Your path is /AmIABug{answer}

It should be /IAmNotABug/{answer}

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Same thing

Still the same error

OK, I just updated to the latest version and getting the same now. Yes, that’s a bug. Will report it and get a hotfix out as soon as possible.


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Just a quick note that the bug you experienced should now be solved in the latest version.

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Yep, Everything seems to be working great!