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Linx - Google Drive - Integration Guide (CallRESTEndpoint Function)

Google Drive and (specific to this sample) Google Sheets, offers a RESTful Webservice API which allows you to create apps that leverage Google Drive cloud storage. You can develop applications that integrate with Google Drive, and create robust functionality in your application using Google Drive API.

The following Linx - GoogleDrive - Intergration Guide.pdf (955.5 KB) , and Google_Intergration_Sample.lsoz (131.0 KB) should set you up to be able to integrate with the Google Drive API. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the solution as well as the integration structure, you should be able to easily extend the API functionality as well as customize the solution to your specific needs.

In order to setup and use the attached sample solution, you will have to got through the attached guide which will walk you through the setup as well as the usage of the Linx/Google Integration Solution.