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Linx integration with servicenow

I’m trying to integrate linx with ServiceNow. But I’m facing some issue. The task is:
Linx get a mail from any email id and it will check if the email is a valid email according to the condition and if it is valid then a ticket needs to be created in ServiceNow.
Now how can I integrate it with ServiceNow?

Hi Shalu,

ServiceNow offers a REST API which can be used to integrate external applications such as Linx.

I’m assuming you have the email/decision functionality with Linx in place already and would just like to communicate with ServiceNow?

You are able to make REST API calls in Linx using the CallRESTWebService Function, make sure you have added the Web Plugin.

Here you will just have to configure the CallRESTWebService Function to point to the particular ServiceNow API which I believe you can customize in ServiceNow, take a look at this resource which deals with creating an incident record via the API. You will need to ensure that all is in order in terms of permissions etc on the ServiceNow side.

For any further assistance please feel free to ask.