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Minimal system requirements


Could you share a minimal system requirements and growth plan for 1 integration?
And other licenses? MSSQL, Windows etc.
I would like to prepare a budget for next year.

Gonchik Tsymzhitov


Linx Server works on Windows Server 2019 or later with 2Gb RAM or more, which is sufficient for most integrations. Your integration might require more RAM, CPU, or disk space, but we can only ascertain that with more information about your use case.

If you want to run Linx on-premise, you will need your own licensing for Windows, MSSQL, and any other software you want to use.

I will email you in case you want to discuss your requirements privately.


One things, looks like need only 2GB for software.
Because I made installation on the 4GB looks like is quite slow.
Windows 2019.

Can we say 4GB need for app+OS+RDBMS as minimal?


Yes, if you’re putting the database on the same machine then 4Gb will be a better minimum.

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