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Resetting Data fields with Ctrl-0 (Hidden feature)

When adding data into field, especially complex types, a lot of time one wants to remove a specific entry, and reset the resulting JSON string. As example, here is a Photo object with some data added:

In this example I want to remove the “promoted_at” value. Currently my JSON looks like this:

{“id”:“143532525253”, “created_at”:{“LinxExpression”:"$.System.CurrentDateTime"}, “updated_at”:{“LinxExpression”:"$.System.CurrentDateTime"}, “promoted_at”:{“LinxExpression”:"$.System.CurrentDateTime"}, “width”:“500”, “height”:“600”, “color”:“white”, “description”:“Image with white background”, “urls”:{“raw”:“”, “full”:“”, “regular”:“”, “small”:“”, “thumb”:“”}, “categories”:[“White”,“Blank”,“Empty”]}

However, if I simply delete the value inside of the entry box, my JSON becomes this:

{“id”:“143532525253”, “created_at”:{“LinxExpression”:"$.System.CurrentDateTime"}, “updated_at”:{“LinxExpression”:"$.System.CurrentDateTime"}, “promoted_at”:"", “width”:“500”, “height”:“600”, “color”:“white”, “description”:“Image with white background”, “urls”:{“raw”:“",“full”:“”,“regular”:“”,“small”:“”,“thumb”:"”}, “categories”:[“White”,“Blank”,“Empty”]}

Which is not valid as “” is not a valid date and using this JSON would fail. Normally I would go into the JSON text and remove the whole item, but I have recently been told there is a hidden, undocumented key-shortcut to reset the entry:

  • Click into the Entry
  • Press Ctrl-0 (Control Zero)

This will “reset” the field:

And the JSON will now be clean:

{“id”:“143532525253”, “created_at”:{“LinxExpression”:"$.System.CurrentDateTime"}, “updated_at”:{“LinxExpression”:"$.System.CurrentDateTime"}, “width”:“500”, “height”:“600”, “color”:“white”, “description”:“Image with white background”, “urls”:{“raw”:“",“full”:“”,“regular”:“”,“small”:“”,“thumb”:"”}, “categories”:[“White”,“Blank”,“Empty”]}

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Another example with less fields:

I want to remove the integer total by just deleting the number:

{“total”:""} gives an error because an integer cannot be “”

But, by using Ctrl-0, the field resets and the JSON becomes clean and valid: