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Soap UI webervice calls issues


For this scenario we called the Soap web service 10 times on an external server using Linx 5.

From Linx side all requests are processed and send to the Server in an instant, however external server receives only 9/10 requests and would receive them 2 at a time.

When we used Soap UI instead of Linx all 10 requests are received within 300ms on external server and external server could see all 10 calls immediately. No call is lost when calling the web service on external server in this manner.

Linx 5 setup is as follows.

Process A setup:

  • Is hosted as a Rest web service on same Linx 5 server
  • Takes a single input parameter
  • Get data from DB using input parameter
  • Calls Soap web service
  • Logs start and end of web service calls

Process B setup:

  • Process items in bulk by calling Linx rest web service (process A) with input parameter on the same server.
  • Wait to finished is set to false.

Recreated Process A in Linx 4 and is called with process B from Linx 5. Test displayed same results as Linx 5.

Kindly see document attached when the call was initiated on Linx and received on external server.

Final Report.txt (1001 Bytes)

Hi Eduard,

I’ve sent you an email. We can look into this with you and set up an example.