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SOAP WebService Hello World Example

Creating Web Services using Linx is probably one of the most exciting and time-saving abilities available. However, you’ll need to understand the basics of Web Services to expose them.

There is a build-in shortcut to create REST Web Services for any of your process. Here’s a quick example.

However, SOAP Web Services are still used widely, and is a frequent requirement in projects. Linx can easily create these as well, but you’ll need to first get or create the WSDL you want to use.

Here is an example solution: HelloWorld.lsoz (7.3 KB)

In this example I’ve downloaded a WSDL for a Hello World service. (Attached, just remove the .txt extension)

HelloWorld.wsdl.txt (1.5 KB)

Then I created a new Linx solution. I’ve added a SOAPWebService Service, and pointed it to our downloaded WSDL. Very important: You need to configure the end-point to which this Web Service will be published:


I’ve set up some processes in the sample to test the service, and then I deployed it to my local Linx Server.

Another important point, when deploying your solution for the first time, the Web Service will be “Stopped”. You need to click Start to get it going, and you’ve got a live SOAP Web Service.