Solution to Github and license

Just pushed my first solution. Dirty, Unfinished, but works. It’s An integration between Obsidian(Personal Knowledge Management/Markdown Editing) Application and Linx. It uses the Obsidian Local Rest API Plugin.

Just though of this though.
If i directly copy a solution saved directory. Will it include any information in regards to my license for the software?

Hi Ferula, Welcome to the Linx Community! You are very welcome to ask questions and post experiences and interact with other users.

With regards to your question. There’s 2 concepts I want to talk about when it comes to licences and credentials, and saving solutions.

  1. Your own Linx Licence: When copying the folder, like you have (which is the correct way to encourage Repo usage), your Linx Licence will not be exposed to others. They will not be able to extract your Linx Licence.

  2. Tokens, Keys, Passwords and other credentials saved in your Solution: When accessing other resources, like APIs or Databases, one often need to provide some kind of Credential, either username/password or API Keys or Tokens etc. These can be saved in your Solution’s Settings, or sometimes hardcoded in the functions. If you have not marked such credentials as “Secret” then they WILL be exposed. Thus, in this case I would urge you to save credentials in your Solutions’ Settings, and mark them as “Secret”. Only you will then be able to see them. If someone else opens your solution, they will have an empty setting, which they’ll need to populate with their own credential.

Please let us know if you need any more info. If you experience a specific issue, please feel free to send us a mail at .

Best regards,

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Yeah i had kept that in mind. I actually just copy pasted the folders containing the relevant parts of functions and types into a new running instance of Linx. Thanks though!