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SQLite Integration Question (NOT SQL SERVER)

Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if you had the ability to integrate with SQLite using a token?

I am trying to integrate with a web based application that uses SQLite NOT SQ Server and it’s not clear to me how token integration works?

Kind regards.


Hi Joel,

This should be possible, we’ll just need to try out the scenario, as I think you’re the first one with this specific use case. Can you give me more info of how this DB is set up? Where is the SQLite file itself? What kind of token are you using?


Oh Cool! Can I get back to you tomorrow. I am totally new to this so I was going to create the token, which will take (me) a while.

I want to create a webhook that runs from a wordpress portal form to Upvise

Upvise’s instructions are here…

I can’t really show you the portal bujt I could PM you with it.