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Upgrading to Linx 5.20 - Important Note!

When upgrading to Linx 5.20, please note there is 1 critical requirement. .NET 4.8 is required by Linx.

The Linx upgrading tool normally would automatically install .NET 4.8, however, certain factors may cause this install to fail, but Linx would still be upgraded. Some of these factors are:

  • Offline Server that doesn’t have internet access to download .NET 4.8
  • Antivirus blocked the install of .NET 4.8
  • Security Policies blocks install of .NET 4.8
  • Windows Updates behind or pending, which blocks any new install of .NET.

One way to solve this issue is to manually install .NET 4.8 before updating Linx. You can download it here:

In some cases you’ll also need to clear your client browser’s cache if you struggle to access your solutions on the Linx server.

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