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Replying to an email using EmailRead


Hi there,

I am trying to set up a job where I reply to an email correspondence automatically using the EmailRead component but I don’t see the option to reply to the email being read.

Is the best way for me to simulate a reply be by using and ReadEmail then a SendEmail and append the original email text to the bottom of my email body? I would also need to prefix "RE: " to the subject line.

Please advise?

On a slightly different tranche, if I need to go this route and I want to store the HTML of the incoming email but need to reply with plain text (I assume it needs to be plain text) appended to the bottom of my response then how can I access both the HTML and plain txt versions of the incoming email?



Hi Nem,

Thank you for your question. We’ll set up an example solution for you.

Best regards,