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Running Linx on a Mac (ARM and Other ways)

For Mac users with Intel-based CPUs, you can run a Windows Virtual Machine on your Mac. Read this post.

With the launch of the new M1 ARM chips, Apple changed the base architecture of the Operating system. Because this change is still new, software companies are busy catching up, and at the time of writing this post, there aren’t any easy ways yet to install a x86-based Windows on an ARM based Mac. But all of the companies are working on updating their software to run on Apple Silicon and providing x86 emulation.

Options for you to run Linx:

  • You can consider looking at Parallels and their Technical Preview.

  • Obtain a cheap Windows laptop for exclusive Linx use

  • Register an Azure or AWS account and run a small Windows Virtual Machine. Then simply Remote Connect to the machine as if it’s running on your own system. Both these companies offer free Credits to users on some scale, thus you could run the Virtual Machine cheaply or free.

  • As additional information becomes available, we will add it to this list.