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Running Linx on a Mac (Intel)

Linx Designer is a Windows based application, the Linx Services are dependent on Libraries specifically built for Windows. However, as a Mac user, I always use my Mac Laptop to work on Linx. (This post relates to any Intel-based Macs. For the new ARM based Macs, a new post will follow)

To use and evaluate Linx Designer on a Mac (Intel-based) machine:

  • After downloading the Virtual Machine Image, you need to unzip it and double click on the ovf-file to create the new VM in VirtualBox.

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 13.12.03

  • Depending on your Mac, you can then assign the CPU and RAM you’d like to use with the VM. I prefer to use at least 2 CPUs and 4GB RAM, but 1 CPU and 2 GB should still be fine.

  • VirtualBox will now import the Virtual Machine.

  • One key change to make is to set your Clipboard to either “Host to Guest” or “Bidirectional”. You can find this setting under Settings -> General -> Advanced

  • Now you can start Windows on you Mac.

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 13.15.31

  • The Default password for Microsoft’s Virtual Machines is “Passw0rd!

  • With a Running Windows, simply register for, download Linx